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Wedding Cake

When it comes to cakes, I can appreciate a beautiful fondant and the art that went into it, but I want my frosting to look like frosting. I want to see a cake and think it looks beautiful AND yummy.

As a poor law student, I couldn’t afford to buy my brother a wedding gift, so instead I made him a wedding cake.  A dear family friend made the best carrot cake ever, and my best friend, Amelia, and I did the rest.  The crumb layer on the cake is cream cheese frosting, and then we did another layer of half cream cheese, half butter cream on top. This is because cream cheese frosting can be a little runny, and I wanted the frosting to hold the peaks. We finished by decorating the cake with flowers (Note: all the flowers are edible (never put rhodedendrons or lilies on a cake – TOXIC!), but not all flowers are delicious).

The cake topper is the same ceramic cake topper that graced my Grandma’s cake many years ago. More recently, it was used by my Uncle Barry, and then it was used by my brother!

My father made the cake stand by attaching round pieces of ply wood to a wooden down. We actually had to cut the cakes in half to put them onto the layers, and then “patch” the cake back together with frosting.