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Laptop Cover with Washi Tape

Laptop Cover with Washi Tape

Here’s a quick fun project. I went to Japan last month and bought a bunch of Washi tape – super fun colored/patterned masking tape. I have seen it all over Pinterest and couldn’t wait to get my hands on some.

Laptop case decorated with Washi tape. Fun, right?

Then, I happened to need a new laptop cover, so I bought one on

Guess what: Washi Tape + Laptop Cover = Personalized Awesome Laptop Cover.

I am loving my big chevrons.

The tape won’t hold up for more than a few weeks, I am guessing. I take my laptop to class everyday, so it faces a lot of wear and tear. This makes this project a low-budget, easily changeable way to express myself.  (Also, I know the lines aren’t perfect, but it’s not permanent, so who cares?)

I wish the colors turned out truer to real life, but I took the pics with my phone. Oh well – you get the idea.