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Can You Believe This?

OK, so in case it wasn’t clear how much I love thrift stores, OMG – I love thrift stores!!!

To celebrate finishing my microeconomics midterm, I went to Salvation Army with a buddy. And I saw the MOST wonderful thing ever:

It’s a full dining set. And in case you cannot tell, the glass table top is held up by three ceramic swans. And the chairs looks like they are carved wood. And have faded floral VINYL seats. I mean, even in the 80’s was this fashionable? Did Fresh Prince have this table set in Malibu?

Wanna know the best part? This table was ALREADY sold! Amazing! Someone walked into Salvation Army after their midterm (or whatever) and saw this table and had to have it?! For the steal price of $184.95? Seriously, $184.95 USED?!?!

The crazy ridiculousness of this just had to be shared. It totally made my day, and I hope it makes your day too!

What are some totally awesome things that you have seen at the thrift store? Please share. I am curious if anyone can top the swan table.

Yours in swan love,