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Roses, Teal and Brass: How to Personalize A Lamp

Roses, Teal and Brass: How to Personalize A Lamp

Anthropology, eat your heart out.  You would sell the shade for $98. It cost me $2 to make. You would sell the base for, let’s say, a reasonable $118. It cost me $6 at a rummage sale. And, with my lamp shade, I get the pleasure of knowing that I made it.

Roses, Teal and Brass Lamp

This was one of those projects that I didn’t exactly plan out. I was bored one night, trying to figure out a good craft project that I could do while watching a movie. When you spend all day reading and doing econ homework, sometimes (often?) you just need something to watch and  a project that makes you remember that you can use your hands for things other than taking notes and punching dumb numbers into a scientific calculator.

Teal, aqua and white: the three little bears of color.

I find making things with my hands so unbelievably therapeutic. And, there are two benefits from making things with your hands: 1. The therapy part makes you feel better. And 2. You get the cutest little lamp to grace your bedside table for less than $10.

This brings me to my apology for the posting hiatus – school has been crazy busy lately. I managed to find the time to do the project, but not the time to post it. And I am still having broken camera drama. Sigh.

Anyway, Here’s how I did it:

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Wall of Frames

Wall of Frames

Sorry for the posting hiatus (she said to nobody in particular). Things have been very busy at grad school. Who knew?

Anyway, I have a bunch of projects that are about 90% complete, and I kept saying to myself that I would post them when they were finished. But, as my mom loves to tell me: the first 90% of the project takes 90% of the time and the last 10% of a project takes the next 90% of the time. So that’s where I’m at. (And here is where my dad would tell me to never end a sentence with a preposition. Hehe.)

So I figured I would post something that is 90% complete. My old roommate (Jamie, of dog-cake fame) will cringe that I have hung more picture frames without pictures in them, and will also remind me that for over 6 months last year I swore I would find pictures to put in frames that I had hung, but never really did. So Jamie, now is the time to look away.

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Blue Table and Update on Crafting with the Stars

Hey All,

So I thought entry into the Crafting with the Stars competition was by general vote, and it turns out I was wrong. I know – shocking! But alas, on occasion, I am wrong. Please don’t let it shake your confidence in the world too much. Anyway, while there is no voting for initial selection, you can leave a comment on the Sew Dang Cute facebook page about which project is your favorite. Remember, this is my entry.

In the meantime, amuse yourself by looking at this Blue Lagoon table redo that I did (apologies for the poor picture quality):

I got the table on craigslist for $10. It was a little wobbly, and the stain on the top was flaking off but in otherwise good shape. I tightened the bolts that held the legs on, and the wobbling went away. The table originally looked like this, after I had sanded it down some:

After sanding, I primed with Kilz primer, and then sanded lightly again:

Then I spray painted with a paint called Blue Lagoon. It was NOT Krylon spray paint, so my finger hurt from holding down the trigger, and the paint was kind of a drippy mess. I love the color, but I don’t understand why other spray paint companies haven’t gotten on this Krylon spray paint nozzle bandwagon. Actually, Krylon probably patented the spray tip. I guess that is good for them, but bad for those of us who want to be able to use the other colors from other spray paint brands  (I mean, how many pieces of furniture in one apartment can actually be spray painted Krylon’s Ocean Breeze? I know I can paint a LOT that color, but at some point, it’s a little ridic).

After that, I applied antiquing glaze. This picture here distorts the colors, but you can see the antiquing at least. This isn’t the most exciting project I have done, but I needed some side tables, and this one now goes very well in my living room.

Adorable Vanity Re-Do

Adorable Vanity Re-Do

Despite the fact that I am now incredibly busy with school, I put in a good many hours trying to get this vanity re-do done quickly for two reasons: 1. I need to finish unpacking. I have been living in my apartment for almost a month. This is getting ridiculous. And 2. I really really REALLY wanted to enter something awesome in the Crafting with the Stars contest on Sew Dang Cute, and TODAY IS THE DEADLINE. So I scrambled. And this is also the reason that this post is not as witty as my usual posts – I just want to enter the contest super badly so I am writing quickly. I will try to edit this post later, and maybe make it better.

Here is the finished product:

Isn’t she adorable? She was SOOOOOO much work, you would not even believe. And about half way through, I decided that I hated her. And then I kept working on her and fell in love with her again. It turns out the selections for Crafting with the Stars are being decided by judges, not just by vote. However, you can go to this facebook page, and tell the judges which projects you think are awesome.

I am having a hard time figuring out this button thingy – so here is the link for the contest too in case the button doesn’t link you:

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Blue Chairs!

Blue Chairs!

Sorry for my long absence! I have had a crazy last month or so. Not only did I spend 11 days in Paris (poor me, right?), but I also moved from DC to Princeton, NJ, to begin graduate school. This has meant that my adoring fans (all three of you), have had to make do without my blog. My humble apologies.

Blue chair with white and black damask upholstry

Anyway, since my absence, I have been BUSY with MANY projects that will eventually be posted on this blog. Because I have been furnishing a new apartment, this has been a great chance for me to employ many of the techniques and take inspiration from my two new favorite blogs: and Here is the first of such projects: My 6 dining room chairs!

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