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Ru Paul is Awesome

Ru Paul is Awesome

I did this dyptic series during senior year of college – is it possible that this was almost 5 years ago? Yeesh, I am getting old.

Ru Paul is just awesome. I wanted to capture Ru Paul as a man and as woman. I like how the Ru Paul as a woman painting came out much better than Ru Paul as a man. There were always things in the man painting that I wanted to go back and fix, but doing the woman painting was so much more fun that I never got around to it.

Ru Paul 1, 4'x5', Acrylic on Canvas

And here is Ru Paul as a man – not nearly as good or exciting. But I think the way I paint is heavily influenced by the subject matter, so it makes sense that this painting is more uptight than the previous painting, I guess:

Ru Paul 2, 4'x5', Acrylic on Canvas

And some close ups from the Ru Paul Woman painting:

And check out those awesome legs:

The legs are definitely my favorite part of the painting. Ru Paul has AMAZING legs.

Ahh, this painting makes me want to watch “But, I’m a Cheerleader.” Ru Paul is awesome in that film:

Love it. And love you for reading this! Thanks!

– Rachel