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Paper Wall “Art” (Another DIY Hoilday Gift Idea)

Paper Wall “Art” (Another DIY Hoilday Gift Idea)

Since I moved into a three bedroom apartment after coming from a tiny Manhattan apartment, which was awesome, I had some BIG wall spaces to cover and little money. Also, because I had moved across the country, my huge paintings were all at home. I almost always prefer to hang actual art that has intrinsic meaning to what I sometimes snobbily call “art-for-a-purpose.” “Art-for-a-purpose” is a piece of “art” designed to fill a space or just to match a decor. I guess, as a painter, it was a matter of self-preservation.

Above the bed "art" is important.

However, since I have been decorating my place, I have not only come to tolerate “art-for-a-purpose” but am kinda sometimes maybe a little enjoying it when my “art” perfectly matches my decor because I planned it that way. Especially in my bedroom and living room where I had some major blank walls to fill.

Threes are always best.

This project is easy to do, and inexpensive. It would make a great gift for someone with a new home, or a college student without wall decor.

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