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Flower Napkin Rings (Made from Soda Cans?!?!)

Flower Napkin Rings (Made from Soda Cans?!?!)

This is another one of those projects that I have been sitting on because it’s a gift and it took me months to mail.

Some of you may recall another set of napkin rings that I made a while back. They were made from soda cans! I got the idea (and the tutorial) from Crissy’s Crafts. Making the flowers is super easy, then you just spray paint them and attach them to shower curtain rings!

See? Just wrap wire around to attach to shower curtain rings.

The best part of this whole project (aside from being practically free)? Well, I was telling my dad that I was making napkin rings for our dear family friend. He jokingly asked (my dad thinks he’s HILARIOUS) if I was making them out of toilet paper rolls. I got all indignant about him mocking my craft and retorted: “No! Gosh, Dad! I’m making them out of soda cans!!” I said this with a complete deadpan, and didn’t realize the ridiculousness of my retort until my father doubled over laughing at me.

The paint crackled a little because I spray painted in the dead of winter. Don't be like me.

As my father always tells me, “Why have kids if you can’t make fun of them?”

So start saving your soda cans to make napkin rings for all your friends. I guarantee they will be a big hit.



“Epic”* Dinner Party!

I LOVE hosting dinner parties. But lately, I have been less than great about doing this. Things get in the way. Midterms. And I lacked the perfect table linens. Or more accurately, I lacked any table linens. Excuses, excuses.

So I went out and bought some table linens.

And then, the other day, I realized that I had committed one of my biggest etiquette faux pas: I had enjoyed a lovely evening at a friend’s house for dinner, but had failed to reciprocate. When I realized I was guilty of this sin, I was mortified. I am serious. I. was. mortified. My parents had always told me that when someone invites you over for dinner, it’s bad manners not to invite them to your house at some point. They often talked about which couples “reciprocated” and which couples “never reciprocated.”  Even at five years old, I wasn’t quite certain what it meant to “reciprocate” or more specifically, “not reciprocate,” but I knew it was something that I never wanted to do. (Note: This is not a blog post trying to pressure or guilt my friends into inviting me over to dinner. But, you know, a girl’s gotta eat… I kid! I kid! No pressure. Seriously!)

This dinner had to be fancy. At least napkin-ring fancy. More information on how to make these DIY napkin rings in later post. And OMG, I love my new place mats. Don't you?

In addition to this tremendous guilt and fear that I would forever be labeled “selfish guest who doesn’t return the favor of inviting friends over for dinner,” I really like the people who had me over for dinner. I didn’t want to slight them. I hoped it wasn’t too late, and extended a dinner invitation ASAP. With a promise of chocolate pecan pie, it was not long before the invitation was accepted. (Although, when I talked about not making the pie but still having the dinner, the response I got from the invitee was: “No pie, no deal.” I am 100% serious. I have the text message as proof. So, I definitely made the pie).

Chocolate Pecan Pie. Martha talks specifically about taking the time to put the pecans in concentric circles. I agree.

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