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I’m Back. I missed you.

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I’m Back. I missed you.

Hello Blogland,

I am back from the dead. I guess being dead in blog land is actually being alive, as in living real life, interacting with flesh and blood people instead of internet people. Weird though. And like any resurrected zombie, I am HUNGRY! Not for brains and flesh or anything like that, because, let’s be honest, ewwwwwwww. But hungry to resume blogging and to resume creating.

It has been a crazy six weeks since my last post (ewwwwwww). Shameful. But wanna know something cool? Even without creating new content, I have had a pretty steady stream of visitors! Neat, huh! I guess I must be slightly relevant or something. Or people just really want to see one of these things.

A lot has happened in the last six weeks. For one thing, I finished my first year at Princeton! This means I only have one more year of grad school to go. Four is a lot of years of grad school. In fact, if you don’t count the thumb, you almost cannot count to four on the fingers on one hand. I mean, I know how to count to four on one hand, since I am in grad school and everything, but it’s cutting it kinda close.

Second thing, Pinterest! I mean, I know that sounds old and trite, but I was way behind the bloggers in getting into Pinterest. What a great way to spend 3 hours 10 minutes on a study break. I think the reason why I like Pinterest so much is because it’s like watching a BUNCH of HGTV episodes really quickly, where you can skip straight to the reveal. And, while there is a lot of cool stuff on Pinterest, there is also a lot that I don’t like on it, like HGTV, so it’s really helping me hone my style.

Third thing, I am moving out of my apartment next week.

Fourth thing, I am MOVING TO VIENNA. AUSTRIA. In case you didn’t realize, Austria is a whole other country. I am moving there for the summer, but whatever, it’s still moving there. And I am pretty sure I will move there when I graduate anyway. I cannot WAIT to take Suits and Aprons there! Vienna is a great antiquing place. Plus, I am going to try to find an Austria cooking class and then will share my creations with you! Seriously guys, Europe.

Fifth thing: No. I am not having a baby anytime soon. But I had a friend who had a baby back in January. A sweet little girl. I said I would make the baby a high chair. It is now May. I am finally presenting high chair to mother and baby this weekend. I’m a little slow. But it’s cool, because I think babies don’t sit in high chairs until they are around 5 or 6 months anyway. And this high chair might even be for a slightly older kid. Not sure. Not a mom.  But either way.

I got this high chair at a giant rummage sale. I painted it with this awesome yellow homemade chalk paint. I sanded and distressed it. Then I applied a coat of antiquing glaze. Then I stopped and thought long and hard. A high chair is something a baby sits in. The baby might chew on it. (Why? Because babies put pretty much everything in their mouths, and since this chair is so awesome and looks like a gumdrop, it’s definitely getting mauled). The baby will be eating food stuff off of it. And what kind of friend would I be if I used some unsafe substance to seal it?

Also, babies are messy and will spill and maybe draw on things with markers as they turn into toddlers. So I wanted a strong finish.

I just didn’t think furniture wax was up to the challenge, and it might be soft enough to come off when the child chews on it. So instead of waxing, I applied many heavy coats of Krylon’s Crystal glaze. It’s durable so I figured it wouldn’t get chewed off easily, and it would be less likely than wax to transmit any chemicals or what-have-you.

Sixth, all this talk about toxic painting products reminds me of things that have been ticking me off on Pinterest: STOP PAINTING THINGS YOU EAT OFF OF. Most paints are not food safe. That chalk board cheese plate that has been pinned like a million times? Probably causes cancer. I’m not saying that if food comes into contact with a painted surface for a minute that you will get sick, but if it’s going to sit there for a bit, really think about whether you want to put those chemicals in your food. I haven’t ranted about this on Pinterest because that would be an annoying thing to do. But that’s my 2 cents.

OK, I will come up with other things to share. But now I’m going back to bed, and then I’m hanging out with some flesh and blood peeps while I get my summertime on.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Blogland, I missed you. It feels good to be wrapped once more in your sweet, megapixel embrace. We’ve had many good memories, and we will make many more in the future. And I, for one, am freaking excited!



Homemade Chalk Paint and Araucana Teal Mirror

Homemade Chalk Paint and Araucana Teal Mirror

After seeing chalk paint all over the interwebs, I thought maybe it was time I gave it a try. Also, the cold weather of winter means that it’s too cold to spray paint, which is usually my preferred method of furniture painting. Spray painting in an apartment is NOT recommended.

But there are no Annie Sloan chalk paint distributors near where I live, and even if there were, I am not sure I could afford the paint. After all, I am a grad student. I still haven’t purchased one of the main text books for a class, and it’s finals week. Probably not worth it at this point…

So I decided to make my own. Chalk paint, that is. Not my own text book.

I mixed about 1 part plaster of paris with either 2 or 3 parts paint (depending on how chalky I wanted it). I got the idea from No Minimalist Here, which has a few different chalk paint recipes and tips. I decided on the plaster of paris recipe because they carry that at Home Depot, which is where I was going for the paint anyway. I also added a few drops of water, because the plaster of paris makes the paint thicker.

The After

A fortunate discovery for me (though maybe not for Martha Stewart) is that Home Depot is discontinuing the Martha Stewart paint line. This means that all Martha paint was on MAJOR sale. I bought 7 of the 8 oz sample colors already pre-mixed. Each one was ONLY $0.50!!! I also bought a gallon of white Martha paint for only $13. A steal. And I bought a quart of Araucana Teal for only $5. I don’t know what I am going to do with it yet, but I figure I might want it. Plus, the price was right. So if you haven’t already swooped in on the Martha paint line remains, I suggest you do. Other vultures DIYers are getting ahead of you.

The Before

I found the mirror on Craigslist. It was $25, which is usually a little more than I like to pay for furniture that I am going to transform, but big mirrors are expensive, and this was in excellent shape. Plus, it had truly gorgeous details. Oh! And I almost forgot the best part: it’s a skinny mirror. I hate when I buy a mirror, get it home and realize that it adds 10lbs. Skinny mirrors are always worth a lil’ extra money. Ladies, you know what I am talking about.

I knew this lovely stand would paint and distress and glaze beautifully!

So I mixed up some Martha Stewart Araucana Teal, in the 3:1 paint:plaster of paris ratio and set to work, after I had done a light sanding of course. While watching MadMen on Netflix, I put two coats of this lovely teal on this lovelier mirror. The coverage of the homemade chalk paint is better than that of normal paint, but still needed two coats (I probably use less of the chalk than the commercial kind. I was timid at first).  Two coats of paint, considering how dark the wood was when I started, really isn’t that bad. This paint also dries really quickly, which I love! Patience is not one of my virtues.

From the side...

The mirror is actually not quite as vibrant in the pictures, but during the photo editing process (I’m a newby), in order to increase the exposure, I had to play with the color a little.It’s pretty close though and I’m learning.

Once dried, I sanded down the paint to make it smooth. In case you haven’t worked with chalk paint: you have to sand it, or it feels a little rough. Then I also distressed the details to make it look antiqued. I love how the wood grain from the mirror still shows though the paint in places. I believe this is because the original mirror didn’t have shellac or anything on it, or that I just got really lucky.

Distressing the details makes age believable. Look at the wood grain that shows through the paint!

After sanding, I applied a coat of Valspar antiquing glaze to make all the details, curves, wood grain, nooks and crannies pop! The chalk paint really wanted to soak up the antiquing glaze, so I had to use a lot of water to keep wiping away the excess. It wasn’t difficult, I had just never seen paint be so greedy with my antiquing glaze before.

It's all in the details.

I knew that I would need to seal the piece in some way, and I figured I would try furniture wax for the first time, since everyone who mentions chalk paint also mentions waxing it at the end. I just bought a normal tub of Minwax Furniture Wax Paste and followed the direction on the can. I worked it into all the little nooks and crannies, let it dry for about 15 minutes (or 1/3 of an episode of MadMen), and then buffed it to a soft sheen.

Lovely legs.

I am LOVING the finish that the wax creates. It’s super smooth to the touch, and not too shiny. It makes all the details stand out even more. Plus, the wax was really easy to apply and clean up was a breeze. However, if this was a table or a desk, I would want more protection for surfaces, but I figure no one will ever set a hot drink on my mirror, right?

Aside from the fact that I love the mirror, I love that I spent only about $1 on paint (including the little bit of plaster of paris that I used). Also, learning new painting techniques is a good way to justify watching a whole season of MadMen in just a few days. Not that I did that or anything… Uh… Yeah.

I hope you all like it. And if you do, maybe leave a comment or two. Comments make me supremely happy!

Love and Teal,


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