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DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I’m a little behind the rest of the blogosphere (but that’s nothing new) on Christmas decorations.  But, I made some new Christmas tree ornaments this year to supplement dinosaur Christmas from last year.



These are super easy to make, and you could still make some this year before Christmas gets here. And you could probably take better pictures than I.


I rolled out some sculpy to about 1/4 inch thick, cut it into desired shapes with cookie cutters. I made holes in the top to hang the ornaments by using a straw. Bake according to sculpy directions.  Once the ornaments were cooled, I spray painted the sculpy white and then decorated the ornaments with a gold paint pen and sharpies.


So if you are feeling creative, place an order on amazon prime for sculpy and get out your favorite cookie cutter shapes.  Go to town!


Merry Dinosaurus Christmas Redux!



A Dinosaur Christmas

A Dinosaur Christmas

I don’t have much time to write a long post now, but just decorated my first* Christmas tree and wanted to share. (*I am Jewish – on occasion we would decorate the ficus, but it was never the real deal…)










Happy Dinosaur-Holidays!



Super Gingery Gingerbread

Super Gingery Gingerbread

Have you ever bitten into something and happily sighed, “This tastes like Christmas,” as you smiled to yourself (even though you may be Jewish and don’t technically celebrate Christmas)? Well, this super gingery gingerbread tastes like Christmas. BUT, it would also be a great addition to any Thanksgiving dessert table, which is why I am posting this now, before I have gotten around to posting the recipes from my Epic Dinner Party. I don’t want people to miss an opportunity to enjoy this easy to make and INSANELY delicious dessert.

Super Gingery Gingerbread

Unfortunately, someone dropped my digital camera on the ground the day before I made this, so I had to take the pictures with my phone. For that I apologize. Those pictures do not do this WONDERFUL dessert justice. The camera was a gift, so I guess it’s easy come, easy go.

Regardless, this gingerbread is warm, sweet, dense, spicy, tangy and tantalizes all of the senses (I am not joking here). The recipe comes from Jorge at Cafe Navarro in Eugene, OR, that unfortunately is out of business. However, if you all make this bread, its legacy will live on in deliciousness forever. Seriously, make this bread. And then take pictures, and send them to me so that I can put better photos of this delectable dessert on my blog, because Super Gingery Gingerbread deserves better.

Upclose of Super Gingery Gingerbread - do you see that big chuck of candied ginger, front and center?

Super Gingery Gingerbread is good on its own, but it is elevated to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL when served warm with a dollop of cool freshly-made whipped cream. The warm/cool combination, and the spiciness of the bread contrast with the creamy sweet of the whipped cream. I am telling you, it is out of this world. Boyfriend, who has a very discerning taste, was a little hesitant about the gingerbread on its own (I think he never had molasses before or something), but when I put some whipped cream on the top he was all about this dessert. Seriously people. (And if you don’t have whipped cream, a little bit of premium vanilla ice cream could do in a pinch, but the whipped cream is still preferable).

Recipe Follows:

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