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Moving to DC! Can I start a garden yet?

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Dear Faithful Readers,

Suits and Aprons is moving to DC! Well, first, I will go back to California for a few months to study for the bar in the comfort of my parents’ home. Then I will be moving to DC to start my first job as a real attorney!

What does this mean for this blog? Well, it means that I will be decorating a new apartment in DC come August, and in the meantime, I will be sharing some decor ideas that I cannot wait to try. You may recall that I am slightly obsessed with super dark bedroom walls.

Another thing I REALLY want to get into: indoor gardening. I am also hoping we might have a balcony and next summer/spring I might try my hand at growing some edible things like tomatos.

Since I do not have a green thump (yet. I am going to try to learn). I will start off this indoor gardening with the usual suspects: bamboo, succulents, and cacti. They are less finicky than some other house plants.

I already have a bamboo plant that I have kept alive for three years (knock wood!). I might add another to the mix. The one I currently have is almost three feet tall, but it’s still a table plant. I would love to try to grow something more substantial (since I am worried I will kill a tree if I splurge to buy one). I am digging the long planter and height of this bamboo situation:


I really really want a fiddle leaf fig, but like I said, I am scared I will kill it. We’ll see. Maybe once I see how I do with smaller hardier succulents. Inspiration photo for the fiddle leaf fig, unsurprisingly from Emily Henderson (actually, now I am not certain that this is a fiddle leaf dig. Either way, it’s great):

Emily Henderson - Will you please be my friend?

Emily Henderson – Will you please be my friend? I love EVERYTHING about this room, but for this post, feast your eyes on that glorious tree! And take a close peak at that coffee table too, while you are at it. Are you freakin’ kidding me!?

I might invest in a dwarf meyer lemon tree before too long, because 1. They are cute. 2. They are affordable (relatively). 3. I love fresh lemons. 4. They smell really good and will make your apartment smell great. Plus, I just found this apartment therapy tutorial on growing a dwarf lemon tree indoors.


And while it’s not like there aren’t a MILLION pictures of cacti and succulents all over the interwebz and pinterest right now, here are a few of my favorites:

The colors in this one from A Beautiful Mess are stunning and that planter is incredible:

Cactus garden - ABM

This HUGE cactus from Hommemaker. If you aren’t reading Orlando’s blog, you should. Not only is he funny and self-depricately self-obsessed (in a totally endearing way), he has a giant cactus, and he’s best friends with Emily Henderson, who I adore.


Also, this TEENY tiny clay pot (made from sculpey) with this teeny tiny succulent. I would put them in many random places (and hopefully wouldn’t forget about them resulting in their untimely demise).

So tiny.

So tiny.

And of course, I will try to plant a little indoor herb garden, since I love to cook. I am thinking: rosemary, dill, sage, thyme, basil? But we will see, since I think I should maybe start small and see how that goes. But if I only plant one herb, then I will use that one herb in all my meals. And then my boyfriend will be like, “Rachel, why does everything taste like dill these days?” And I will lie, “Oh, no reason.”

Anyway, I must return to studying or I won’t graduate, and then I cannot sit for the bar (maybe?), and then I won’t move to DC, and won’t get to have any plants at all. AHHH!