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Suits and Aprons

When I was twenty-two, I had to make a decision between getting my law degree and getting a masters in fine arts. For a variety of reasons, the law degree won. However, my love of all things beautiful, delicious, handmade and unique remains. There are numerous blogs written by young housewives who do lovely craft projects for their three charming children, all of which I love to read. And other professional women love to read them too.  Yet, I am an aspiring professional woman who knows how to roast a turkey, paint a picture, put up sheet rock, sew a gown and bake a cake. I have a not-so-secret love for all things traditionally domestic that may seem to conflict with my “professional” persona, and I want to share that.

And I am just self-centered enough to think that others may be interested as I try to balance my law and masters degrees with my love for making the perfect _____ (cookie, dress, lasagna, painting, etc). Welcome!