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Another year, another wishlist.

Another year, another wishlist.

I cannot believe I’m turning 31 this year (in a month). Somehow 31 might be more emotionally charged than 30, though I’m not sure I can really articulate why.

This summer, I’m turning my attention on my outdoor space to truly take advantage of the wonderful Seattle summers. Here are some things I’m coveting for an outdoor space, and just some things I’m coveting in general. Since my birthday is coming up, indulging in a little fantasy shopping seems like an appropriate thing to do.

A new iPad. I know it’s not “outdoors” but my iPad is old and is starting to slow down. I doubt it will last much longer and then what will I watch while I’m baking all the things? While we are at it, I could really use a new laptop (old laptop is terrible, hence the blogging hiatus, but so much money).

Outdoor string lights. I already bought two sets, but I’m pretty sure I could find use for a third or fourth.

Planters – large for outdoor use and smaller ones for indoor use. In chartreuse, teal, turquoise, and cobalt (white or off-white is good too). Here’s an example.


I CANNOT EVEN. This zebra must be mine.

zebra planter

Actually, all the animal planters from Anthropologie are so so good.

critter planters

This unicorn lamp in white. Because it’s one of the greatest things I have ever seen and I will find a place for it if it’s the last thing I do.

unicorn lamp

These triangle planters – in both sizes for maximum effect. How cool would these look filled with spider plants (which I happen to be swimming in), cascading down the walls of my all-white bedroom? The answer: super cool.

triangle planters

A cooking class. Not sure what kind though – perhaps Moroccan or Indian? Maybe bread-making? I have made bread before, but I would love to branch out a little more and refine my technique.

A cordless weedwacker, because I am a nerd who is excited about keeping my home and garden in shape. Both weedwackers that came with the house appear to not work, alas. I figure this is the universe’s way of telling me that I should get a cordless weedwacker that doesn’t require me to pull that cable a million times to start nor me spilling gasoline in the car because that darned gas can keeps leaking…


Original art. A girl can dream. And lately this girl has been dreaming about filling her home with original art but the budget just does not allow it…

And while I’m at it, these outdoor chairs are intriguing but are out of the budget for the time being, though I actually think they are fairly reasonably priced. The more I think about it, the more smitten I become with these chairs. They look soooo comfy.



What do you want for your birthday? Do you want practical things like weed wackers or fun things like unicorn lamps? What’s your favorite thing to put on the barbecue?




Moving to DC! Can I start a garden yet?

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Dear Faithful Readers,

Suits and Aprons is moving to DC! Well, first, I will go back to California for a few months to study for the bar in the comfort of my parents’ home. Then I will be moving to DC to start my first job as a real attorney!

What does this mean for this blog? Well, it means that I will be decorating a new apartment in DC come August, and in the meantime, I will be sharing some decor ideas that I cannot wait to try. You may recall that I am slightly obsessed with super dark bedroom walls.

Another thing I REALLY want to get into: indoor gardening. I am also hoping we might have a balcony and next summer/spring I might try my hand at growing some edible things like tomatos.

Since I do not have a green thump (yet. I am going to try to learn). I will start off this indoor gardening with the usual suspects: bamboo, succulents, and cacti. They are less finicky than some other house plants.

I already have a bamboo plant that I have kept alive for three years (knock wood!). I might add another to the mix. The one I currently have is almost three feet tall, but it’s still a table plant. I would love to try to grow something more substantial (since I am worried I will kill a tree if I splurge to buy one). I am digging the long planter and height of this bamboo situation:


I really really want a fiddle leaf fig, but like I said, I am scared I will kill it. We’ll see. Maybe once I see how I do with smaller hardier succulents. Inspiration photo for the fiddle leaf fig, unsurprisingly from Emily Henderson (actually, now I am not certain that this is a fiddle leaf dig. Either way, it’s great):

Emily Henderson - Will you please be my friend?

Emily Henderson – Will you please be my friend? I love EVERYTHING about this room, but for this post, feast your eyes on that glorious tree! And take a close peak at that coffee table too, while you are at it. Are you freakin’ kidding me!?

I might invest in a dwarf meyer lemon tree before too long, because 1. They are cute. 2. They are affordable (relatively). 3. I love fresh lemons. 4. They smell really good and will make your apartment smell great. Plus, I just found this apartment therapy tutorial on growing a dwarf lemon tree indoors.


And while it’s not like there aren’t a MILLION pictures of cacti and succulents all over the interwebz and pinterest right now, here are a few of my favorites:

The colors in this one from A Beautiful Mess are stunning and that planter is incredible:

Cactus garden - ABM

This HUGE cactus from Hommemaker. If you aren’t reading Orlando’s blog, you should. Not only is he funny and self-depricately self-obsessed (in a totally endearing way), he has a giant cactus, and he’s best friends with Emily Henderson, who I adore.


Also, this TEENY tiny clay pot (made from sculpey) with this teeny tiny succulent. I would put them in many random places (and hopefully wouldn’t forget about them resulting in their untimely demise).

So tiny.

So tiny.

And of course, I will try to plant a little indoor herb garden, since I love to cook. I am thinking: rosemary, dill, sage, thyme, basil? But we will see, since I think I should maybe start small and see how that goes. But if I only plant one herb, then I will use that one herb in all my meals. And then my boyfriend will be like, “Rachel, why does everything taste like dill these days?” And I will lie, “Oh, no reason.”

Anyway, I must return to studying or I won’t graduate, and then I cannot sit for the bar (maybe?), and then I won’t move to DC, and won’t get to have any plants at all. AHHH!