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How to Fake Reclaimed Wood

How to Fake Reclaimed Wood

I have been obsessed with getting a reclaimed wood table for a long time. Obsessed. But such tables usually cost at least $1000, often much more. So I needed to figure out how to get the look of reclaimed wood without breaking the bank. I managed to do it without breaking $70.

This is what the $40 table from craigslist looked like before:

I didn't take this pic. The guy from craigslist did.

This is what I turned it into:

Doesn't she look nice with my blue chairs?

And another picture:

Seriously, I even impressed myself on this one. This table may be my favorite piece in my apartment.

It was a LONG process to get her to this point. But faking reclaimed wood isn’t easy, though it does come pretty cheap. And, it’s your lucky day: I will tell you how I did it!

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