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My New Business: Rae & Beam Interiors

My New Business: Rae & Beam Interiors

You guys, I cannot believe how freaking excited I am to announce that I have a started an interior decor and staging company! That’s right! I, Rachel, the lawyer, have taken the plunge into a new business venture doing the thing that I might love just as much (more than? differently than?) I love nuclear nonproliferation law. Who knew such a thing existed, right?

It’s called Rae & Beam Interiors, and is located in Seattle, WA, but will be providing online design services to clients all over via the world wide web, if requested. I guess that makes me an international woman of mystery business woman!

The focus of Rae & Beam is on democratic design, AKA affordable interiors for everyone. Rather than pricing my services based on how much money a client spends on furniture or fixtures, I’m just charging for my time. So it really doesn’t matter to me if a client wants to buy all new things or work with pieces they already own or they scored at the thrift store. Not only is this more budget friendly, but it’s better for the planet and makes for more interesting, unique interiors.

Don’t worry, I will keep working full time at my day job, saving the world (AKA reading and answering emails). But I am so excited for this venture that will allow me to flex my creative muscles and require me to learn some new skills (like accounting and establishing a business website).

What inspired me to start a side hustle? Glad you asked! I realized that when I am not working, I am reading interior design and DIY blogs, remodeling my own home, perusing furniture catalogs, or helping my friends/colleagues find the perfect (insert one: office chair, day bed, pair of sconces, etc.) for their (insert one: home office, nursery, guest room, etc.). Additionally, while I am constantly sourcing fixtures, tiles, flooring, and the like for my own remodel, I can only put so many types of floors or tiles in my own home and I didn’t want all that research to go to waste. 😉

The other thing that really inspired me to start my own company was this Podcast: Next Level Life with Preston Pugmire, Episode 1.  The Next Level Life Podcast is specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs, but there is good stuff in there for all humans, not just entrepreneurs. (Seriously, this Podcast is amazing. I cannot recommend it enough.) The first episode is about doing things that make you uncomfortable in order to ultimately be happier. Once I listened to it, I realized that the only reason I hadn’t tried starting my own business was because I didn’t want to start at the bottom. I was scared of not being the best at something, so I wasn’t even trying. How STUPID is that? That makes no sense at all, especially when I type it out. But there you have it. So I pulled the trigger and bought a domain name and the rest is now what you see at Rae & Beam Interiors!

Though my business has not yet been verified by Google or Yelp as a real, legit business yet, that should happening in the next week or so (I have an Instagram account, even). (Shameless self-promotion warning!) So, if you know someone looking for some very affordable help in making their home truly reflect who they are, please send them my way! In addition to offering assistance with renovation planning, interior decoration, and creation of moods boards, I am also offering staging services for homes that are all furnished, but where the owners need help editing and tweaking before listing.

RAE___BEAM favicon

This is my sweet monogram. So legit.

Thanks so much for your support of my blog over the years, even though posting has been basically non-existent for a while. So, do you have a dream that you have been scared to follow? What’s holding you back? What’s the worst that can happen if you try it? Check out my new website and make sure to listen to Preston’s Podcast, and then get started!




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  1. Alissa Ralston

    All the best in your new adventure!

  2. Alissa Ralston

    All the best in your new adventure!


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