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Quicky Project: Utensil Holder

Sometimes when you are knee deep in MAJOR projects that can take days and have some setbacks, you need to do a quicky project that can be completed easily and without hassle. It is necessary for sanity to be able to quickly make something that was just OK into something awesome. It’s like a little morale boost when you are feeling like your dresser/bed/kitchen/whatever is just NEVER going to be done.


I had this small square vase that was begging to be remade. And I needed a better utensil holder than the ubiquitous Ikea stainless steel one with holes (which I also have and like, see below – it needed a more fun friend).

Ikea utensil holder that everyone has on the left.

Ikea utensil holder that everyone has on the left.

So, taking an idea from Centsational Girl who painted a vase with gold stripes, I thought I would do a vase with yellow and gold stripes.

I just taped off the lines with Scott Blue painter’s tape, and then first sprayed with yellow. Then when the yellow was dry, I taped and sprayed with gold. The coverage of the gold was much better than the yellow.


So it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good. I did some touch ups by spraying the yellow into a cup and applying with a paint brush.

And guess what? I did this while I was waiting for paint to dry on another project. A project that apparently will drag on for a while longer since I bought the wrong paint to save like $4, and then had to spend an extra $15 then buying the correct paint. Argh.

But whatever – I now have a cute utensil holder. I love all the different metallic finishes together – brass teapot ($2 at an estate sale!), stainless steel stove, gold on the vase, plus a little yellow for fun. Oh, and blue/turquoise serving utensils.

Hope you enjoy!




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  1. Glad you are having fun domesticating.

  2. We want more posts


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