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More Thrifty Finds: Meet Chloe

School has been a little insane, which has impacted my blogging and my crafting/DIYing.

But, I did get a chance to do some fun thrifting. I found this adorable owl plate for $0.79 at Salvation Army. Her name is Chloe.

Chloe was a major score!

Chloe goes perfectly with my decor too.

And I found this lovely green pitcher for $1.50, I think:

I am loving these two ceramic horse heads. I am not sure what they are. I think they might make really cool book-ends. They aren’t quite heavy enough, but I can fill them with sands.

What color should I paint them? I am thinking gold. Thoughts?

I am loving these ceramic horses. Cannot wait to paint them. They were only $1 each.

This darling little plate was only $0.49. I have nothing else like it, but I hope to someday.

Check out this sweet rhinoceros! $2! I may also spray paint, but I am not sure yet. It’s just so interesting and adorable.

And the last great thing I found was this little cloche. The plate is heinous, but cloches are lovely no matter what. I may just get rid of the plate and keep the cloche itself. $3.

Well, that’s all folks.

Maybe I will have something more interesting in the future. Also, let me know what color you think I should paint the horse heads.



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  1. Don’t throw that plate away. Slap a little Araucana Tea and a poly finish and you will have a great decorating piece. Use your cloche on it or use it to serve fruit and cheese. Why not paint your horse heads one of the bright colors you have in you home.

    • Hey Stella, thanks for stopping by!

      I was worried about painting a plate that people would eat off of. Didn’t want to poison anyone. Until I hear more about whether poly is food safe, I may stay away from painting dishes.

      Thanks so much for the paint suggestions!

      • That plate is some kind of pottery that was huge in the fifties. Look on the back and see what it says and then look it up. I am sure you can find more. If you want I will pick it up piece by piece if I see it. Love mom

      • It says “Design technics” on the back. It’s real clay I think, or stone wear. It’s heavy. I love this style of dish.

  2. Can you read my posts now?

  3. When it says “your comment is awaiting moderation.” What does that mean?

    • It means it won’t get posted until I’ve read it and OKed it. It’s a form of spam and harassment protection. Once I’ve approved your comment, it shows on my website, and you go onto a list of approved posters so I no longer need to okay all your comments. Love you.


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