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Craft Room Fix-Up: Imagine the Impossibilities

Craft Room Fix-Up: Imagine the Impossibilities

When I heard about the Imagine the Impossibilities challenge from Thistlewood Farms, I knew I wanted to participate, but I’ll be honest: I was scared. What if I undertook the challenge, but then didn’t actually do what I said. Well, then I would have failed (this may or may not be the same reason that I have no new year’s resolutions this year). And if I entered, I would have to show you the “Before” pics, which are, let’s face it, kinda embarrassing.

And given what I was starting with, I felt my fear was well-founded:

(That white thing on the left is a dresser I got on craigslist.)

Here is the after:

Yeah - look at that!

The problem with the craft room is that BEFORE everything that went in, including the dresser, got put on the floor. Right in the middle of the room. I don’t make the rules. I just followed them.

Yeah, the dresser is in the picture again on the right. But you get the idea.

Yeah. It’s a little scary, huh?

This is my "work space." It's hard to work at because it's always covered with stuff. I cannot figure out who keeps putting stuff all over my craft table....

One more before pic:

Ugliest shelving this ever. Stuffed with crap.

But I dealt with my fear, and the fact that most people probably have a horror-filled craft room at some point in their lives, and I decided to get my buns in gear.

"New" desk and "new bookshelf. Organization! Yay!

I got an Ikea bookshelf from craigslist for $15, and some pretty green patterned boxes from HomeGoods. The other green boxes are from Ikea ages ago. HomeDepot sells the plastic shoeboxes for $1.17 each. I bought five, and then hot glued ribbon onto the boxes that would hold labels.

Even got all my spraypaint onto the book shelf.

I will have another post on the desk later – it’s a free desk I got on craigslist and painted up.

More about this desk to come in the future. You are excited, I can tell!

I also cleaned up my workspace area a little:

The chair next to the workspace is awaiting re-upholstery with the blue velvet (that is sitting on the chair).

And one more shot:

Looks like a much better place to do work now, huh?

To summarize, I imagined the impossibilities. And tackled my impossible craft room. It went from this:


To this:

Booyah! Impossibilities!

And this:

I know. I'm amazing. Enough applause (no, not really. Never enough applause).

I am really glad I participated in this Imagine the Impossibilities challenge. Not only is it cool to be part of those awesome bloggers who are hosting the party, but it got me to tackle the craft room. Which needed tackling.

Love and crafting,


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18 responses »

  1. I really like the stripes on the desk!

  2. What an awesome space! I redid my very scary basement pantry :0)

    I would love if you shared the project tomorrow at my “Beat the Winter Blues” party. Hope to see you then.

  3. Applause….more applausing….still going! I think you are a rockstar! Thanks for linking up and thanks for showing us all what can be done with a craft room! Love that view out the window, too!


  4. I am loving the stripes on the desk, what a great idea!

  5. Love the desk! Good work on sorting out your craft room, I’m awful at putting things off until it becomes such a huge job that it takes much longer to finally finish it!

  6. I’m sorry it took me so long to get to your « Impossibility Challenge » post – this thing called “work” got in the way! But I’m here now and it’s great to read about your Craft Room makeover. It’s awesome! I’m sitting in my craft room/study feeling a little ashamed! I think I will have to tackle this soon. Yours looks like a really inspirational place to work now.
    Congratulations on making your impossibility possible!

  7. See, now? Now I want to go trolling Craigslist and Kijiji for cute desks to restore… Also? More than a little jealous that you’ve a whole room devoted to crafts!

    Great job, Rachel! 😀

  8. This came out so great Rachel! I LOVE the stripes on the desk. What a great space to work in now. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge!!

  9. Wow, it looks great! I LOVE the desk that you painted. There’s great natural light in that room too, looks like a nice place to work. 🙂
    Visiting from Adventures in Dinners’ Beat the blues party,
    Becca @ Sweet Swan Songs

  10. Great job with your room- it turned out wonderful! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  11. You go girl – this looks like a fabulous bright and cheery space! I feel your pain – my challenge was cleaning up my basement (scary)!! So glad you linked up to our Impossibilities Challenge!

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  13. Wow it looks great. I am sure it makes life easier knowing where everything is located. LOVE the desk it is very cute, you did a great job!

  14. Pingback: Stripey Desk « Suits and Aprons

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