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Keepin’ It Real

Now, maybe you read my blog because you like imagining that some people are domestic goddesses. Maybe you read my blog because you are interested in my creative side or the weird things I make from junk. Maybe you stumbled across my blog looking for something more interesting. Or maybe you read my blog in the hope that sometime I will actually acknowledge the fact that I am a student-first and foremost, and you want to know how a student has time to create some of the projects that I have done. And, dear readers, that day has come. Sorta.

Yep. I live like this. A lot.

It’s finals. Which means I am knee deep in diet coke, economic equations and books (well, actually not that many books, because I was too cheap to buy either of the two required text books this semester…).

Pink slippers.

And it’s not like this mess just happens for one day and then the next day my apartment is clean and perfect. It lingers for a while. Maybe it’s actually the status quo, and those pretty pictures of my projects are the departure from the norm. This post is a little nod to keepin’ it real. It’s not how the other half lives, it’s how I live the other half (2/3?) of the time.

Looks like fun, right?

Anyway, just wanted to give y’all a glimpse behind the curtain. When comparing economics with crafting/cooking/decorating/etc maybe you can understand why I prefer to share pictures of those lovely things. Prettier than graphs.

Multiple caffinated beverages at one time: Diet Coke and Tea.

Well, that’s enough of the boring stuff. I have a few super fun projects in the wings that have been on hiatus since I have been burying myself in work. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will finish them and share with you.




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  1. Good luck on your finals! Looking forward to your next creation!!!

  2. Good luck on your finals! Man I do not miss college at all! My dining room table usually looks like that and I can’t plan it on school, it’s usually filled with craft related junk lol.

    • Thanks, Kahli! I had my last final today. And it’s true, often my table is covered with crafts or other projects, but I will blame this mess on finals as long as I can 🙂


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