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Chili Rellenos

I went to California over winter break, and of course, I needed some Mexican food like Donald Trump needs a better hair cut (you are not fooling anyone, Don). We drove from the Bay Area to Redding to spend Xmas and Xmas Eve there. At the halfway point, there is this little taco stand where we always stop for lunch. They have AMAZING food at dirt cheap prices. It’s called Roberta’s Taqueria, in Williams, CA, right off of I-5. Right across from the Burger King. There is only one I-5 exit into Williams, so you cannot miss it.

I'm drooling right now.

This chile relleno was BOMB. The pepper was charred before being stuffed with gooey cheese and then, shall we say, “lightly” fried with a delightful egg-y coating. The charring gave this relleno a distinct smoky flavor that not all chili rellenos have. Trust me – I know my chili rellenos.

Close up.

What I really love about this little place is that it’s across the street from a Burger King, and has no in door seating, but it constantly has a steady stream of customers because its so freaking good. People, like my family, who would rather eat at a delightful hole-in-wall any day over traditional fast food keep this place hopping.

Yummy. My family is setting up shop at the table on the left. Also, note the lovely sunshine on December 24!

And while chile rellenos may not have much less fat than some of the food at Burger King, it comes with rice and beans (read “fiber”) and is made from whole ingredients, right in this tiny little building, with less sodium and preservatives than used by the major chains.  And seriously, given the choice between delish Mexican and mediocre burgers, it should be a no brainer.

And that, dear readers, is how I spent this Christmas Eve. And I think it was pretty awesome. And it had sour cream on top. Score!



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  1. Amazing! Great pictures too. Now I want a chili relleno for breakfast.


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