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Despite the fact that I have spent the last two years in New York City, I never really got a sense of what it meant to have fall. Growing up on the West Coast, fall is not a season we get. In California, everything just goes from brown in the summer to green in winter. In Oregon and Washington, it’s just green and gray all year round.

In NYC, there are trees, but they are few and far between. Nothing like Princeton. At Princeton, I essentially live in the woods, surrounded by tons of deciduous trees. And now I know what fall is! And I cannot get enough of it!

The autumn leaves drift by my windows...

Just look at those colors. And how blue the sky is peaking out from behind those leaves! How did I not know about this for so long?

The autumn leaves of red and gold...

And maybe I am way behind the DIY blogosphere on posting about my fall decor, but I figure never late than never. Here is a fall wreath I made from a $1 Christmas wreath and soda cans.

I blurred out my apartment number. Take that interweb stalkers!

I learned how to make the flowers from Crissy’s Crafts blog – she has a great tutorial and a bunch of tin-flower decorating ideas. They are quite simple and look lovely. I used spray paint that I already had. I would have liked to paint some of the roses orange, but that would have required buying more spray paint, which I didn’t feel like doing.

The flowers are simply attached to the wreaths with wire. A super easy project that brings me a lot of joy.

Used to be Diet Dr. Pepper

I love how these flowers turned out, and I love having the wreath on my door. It’s so festive every time I come home. Having that feeling of home is so important, even in a semi-temporary dwelling. I am much happier when I feel that a space says something about who I am and what I find beautiful.

A combo of Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Hansen's Tangerine Soda

Fall is like this secret the East Coast has kept from the West Coast. Now I will admit that there are two things the East Coast has on the West Coast: 1. Brunch. The NYC brunch culture is something I TRULY love. And 2. These fall leaves. OMG. The leaves.

Look at that darling little acorn! I die from cuteness!

And the crispness of the air. Every breath feels like I am breathing in this calming power that also gives me strength. It’s unlike anything I have ever felt. I imagine it’s something like when Popeye eats spinach, but maybe instead of normal spinach, it’s lavender scented spinach so it’s calming too. Uh…yeah….

I want to wrap myself in a bed of those leaves and sleep until spring. Oh wait, I guess people don't hybernate. They should.

Thanks for your patience while I wax poetic about fall. Many of you are probably already familiar with fall, so you think I am some silly novice or something. But whatever, I will listen patiently when you go to California and blog about how amazing our produce is and how you never knew what an avocado tasted like…

The perfect shade of yellow. Too bad Krylon doesn't make this shade in a spray paint (though they do get pretty close).

Fall just makes me feel things that I haven’t felt in a long time. This fall has been full of awe and wonder, and CONSTANT amazement at how much Mother Nature knows about decorating that I still have to learn.

I feel your lips, the summer's kisses, the sunburnt hands I used to hold...

Now – there is a HUGE pile of leaves outside my apartment. Whose coming with me?!?

With leaves in my hair (and maybe down my pants a little),


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  1. I wish I knew what fall was like! As a fellow Californian I can attest to what you say. That wreath is so pretty I will have to check out the link.

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