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YUM – Pumpkin Pull Apart Bread

YUM – Pumpkin Pull Apart Bread

Sometimes something is so yummy and fantastic, that you have to make it. And then eat it. And make yummy sounds. And wish that you were the incredible person who came up with this recipe.

But I didn’t come up with this recipe. That credit goes to Julie at Willow Bird Baking.  Her blog about delicious things make me feel like Randy in that episode of South Park where Randy watches too much of the Food Network… The episode is called Creme Fraiche and it’s AMAZING!

And while that episode makes a lot of  “food porn” jokes, I don’t mean any disrespect to Julie at Willow Bird, because her food and photos of food are amazing.

My pictures turned out pretty darned good. But I have to be honest, I didn’t take these pictures, my darling boyfriend took the pictures.

And he took these pictures with an i-Phone 4s?! Yeah, that’s right. My boyfriend’s i-Phone has more megapixels than my point and shoot camera. And he has more patience for arranging things. And he got to use me as a photo shoot assistant (bring me more glaze!). 🙂

This pumpkin pull apart bread hit the spot on this chilly fall day. And since I am so satisfied, I may be able to avoid spending another 1.5 hours today (which is how much time I spent yesterday), looking at all the food pics on the Willow Bird Bakery blog. In fact, I am not sure why you people are still reading my blog when you could be drooling over things like pumpkin pull apart bread with butter rum glaze. I mean, you are probably still reading this because you think I am awesome. And let’s face it, I am. But seriously… I want to make every single recipe on her blog.

It is weird to blog about a blog? Isn’t that a little metaphysical or existential or something? Whatever. Make this recipe. You will be happy that you did.

Pumpkin love,


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  1. HOW I loved this whole post! You are too kind — I’m blushing 😉 Thanks so much for your sweet comments, Rachel! Oh, and AWESOME PULL-APART! That thing is truly beautiful.

    Thanks again, girl!

    • Thanks, Julie! I cannot wait to see what deliciousness you have in store in the future! And to hear about other ways you spoil Byrd and Squirt. Love it.

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  3. You just happened to Like a post of mine, so I came to check you out and was met with not only PUMPKIN PULL APART BREAD but the infamous Creme Fraiche episode from South Park. This alone warrants a whole hearted FOLLOW.


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