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French Bulletin Board

French Bulletin Board

So I have been meaning to make one of these things for ages. I bought an old French bulletin board for $5 at Salvation Army and had been super slow to get this project together.

When I bought the base, it looked like this:

And then I covered it with this great black/white fabric that I got at Joann’s (30% off). I added ribbons:

And then you can put lovely photos and cards into the bulletin board. I love French bulletin boards because they allow me to display a bunch of various things, but help to keep my space from looking too cluttered, or resembling a teenager’s room with every photo just stuck on the wall without frames or anything. Also, I like that it acts like a big piece of artwork for a bunch of little stuff. And then you add the word “French” in front of it, so it’s got to be fancy, right? Like French doors (wow, those doors are huge!), or French toast (toast covered in eggs and fried up in a pan served with syrup: yes, please!), or French fries (OK, I went too far with this French thing and am not certain how to get back…)… I haven’t slept much lately.

Soon, I hope, I will get this bad boy hung up. I would do it right now, but it’s 10:31 pm on a week night and I am pretty sure my neighbors already think I am nutso because who uses power tools in student housing?

Au Revoir,


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  1. Wow! Rachel, I am so very impressed with what you did here! There is absolutely no way I would have seen the potential in this french bulletin board, but what you created was fantastic! I love the look and design, and the addition of the photos and the cards really personalize the work. I don’t know what your future plans are, but I suggest that you consider some design work – you have talent!

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