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Goldie – The Painting

Goldie – The Painting

My dearest dog, Goldie, is pictured here in acrylic paint on canvas board. Approximately 20″x24″. One of the best dogs in the world. The other best dog, of course, being sweet Mattie, her brother. I never did get around to painting a picture of Mattie. Sigh. I painted this while I was an undergrad, so I am guessing about 6 years ago.

Hope you like the picture and more importantly, hope you love dogs. If you have any paintings of pets, please leave the link in the comment box!

All dogs go to heaven.

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  1. This picture made me teary! I love it, it’s gorgeous, and it captures Goldie’s personality very well. *sigh* That “smile”! So, so cute! I love your style of painting – it’s beautiful. Your Giraffe is the cutest thing as well! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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