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Blue Table and Update on Crafting with the Stars

Hey All,

So I thought entry into the Crafting with the Stars competition was by general vote, and it turns out I was wrong. I know – shocking! But alas, on occasion, I am wrong. Please don’t let it shake your confidence in the world too much. Anyway, while there is no voting for initial selection, you can leave a comment on the Sew Dang Cute facebook page about which project is your favorite. Remember, this is my entry.

In the meantime, amuse yourself by looking at this Blue Lagoon table redo that I did (apologies for the poor picture quality):

I got the table on craigslist for $10. It was a little wobbly, and the stain on the top was flaking off but in otherwise good shape. I tightened the bolts that held the legs on, and the wobbling went away. The table originally looked like this, after I had sanded it down some:

After sanding, I primed with Kilz primer, and then sanded lightly again:

Then I spray painted with a paint called Blue Lagoon. It was NOT Krylon spray paint, so my finger hurt from holding down the trigger, and the paint was kind of a drippy mess. I love the color, but I don’t understand why other spray paint companies haven’t gotten on this Krylon spray paint nozzle bandwagon. Actually, Krylon probably patented the spray tip. I guess that is good for them, but bad for those of us who want to be able to use the other colors from other spray paint brands  (I mean, how many pieces of furniture in one apartment can actually be spray painted Krylon’s Ocean Breeze? I know I can paint a LOT that color, but at some point, it’s a little ridic).

After that, I applied antiquing glaze. This picture here distorts the colors, but you can see the antiquing at least. This isn’t the most exciting project I have done, but I needed some side tables, and this one now goes very well in my living room.

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  1. This table has great lines- nice find! And thumbs up to your bold color choice (even if you had to suffer through the inferior spray tip to get it!)

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