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One of the best meals of my life…

One of the best meals of my life…

So I am not in Paris anymore, but I finally uploaded the pictures from my trip. I was going to post about blue velvet, but then I thought that maybe my faithful readers needed some food porn. Well, here it is.

The restaurant: Vins & Terroirs, which I think may be wine and earth, or something like that. We had originally planned to go to another restaurant that was closed, and we ducked into this little place around the corner. What lovely serendipity.

I cannot recall exactly, but I believe the price fixe menu was E 19 for an appetizer and entree. In Paris, this is a bargain.  Of course, since there were four of us, and we couldn’t decide on white or red wine, we ordered one bottle of each.

To start, I ordered a goat cheese salad. If anything has the word “chevre” in the description on the menu, it is safe to say that I will order it. SO good.

My friend Ben got some sort of salmon pie thingy that had avocado and smoked salmon. It was SUPER rich, but nonetheless incredibly delicious.

My friend, Nate, ordered the escargot. How very French! The escarot were cooked in a butter, almost pesto like substance. My darling boyfriend tried his first escargot, and low and behold, he liked it! More amazingly delicious food.

Victor didn’t order off the price fixe menu, so his didn’t come with an appetizer.

For a main course, I had duck confit. OMG, I almost died. First of all, the potatoes that came along side were unlike any other potatoes I had ever had. Soft and crunch, salty and perfectly roasted. Truly unbelievable. Second, the duck itself was perfectly cooked, and had the most delightful sauce on it. Slightly sweet, but a little tangy. And the salad dressing was like garlic essence in maybe some type of hollandaise, or rich mayonnaise? Don’t know, don’t care. It was AMAZING.


Ben picked the boeuf bourguignon. After trying on this dish’s perfectly roasted carrots, Nate made the apt comments: “I have lived for 27 years and I have never tasted a carrot.” Ben added, “It’s like a carrot explosion in my mouth.” I cannot even describe just how incredible the flavors of this dish were. Everything married so well together, but still its own distinct thing. Unbelievable. I am drooling just thinking of this.

Victor picked the roasted duck, which was good, but a little bit of a letdown. Especially because last time he was in Paris, he had the same dish elsewhere, and it was heaven on a plate and nothing else will ever compare. Sorry, babe.

And finally, Nate ordered the salmon. It was also incredible. Cooked in plenty of oil, and served with more of the ineffable carrots, this salmon hit the spot.


After this, I believe we got a variety of pastries from a local pastry shop, ate them, and then rode bikes drunkenly down to the Eiffel Tower. What a magical first evening in Paris.

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  1. Wow! Omnomnomnom 😉 I really think that the French have an appreciation for letting food live, as it were. The food just tastes vital. Quite jealous.


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