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Blue Chairs!

Blue Chairs!

Sorry for my long absence! I have had a crazy last month or so. Not only did I spend 11 days in Paris (poor me, right?), but I also moved from DC to Princeton, NJ, to begin graduate school. This has meant that my adoring fans (all three of you), have had to make do without my blog. My humble apologies.

Blue chair with white and black damask upholstry

Anyway, since my absence, I have been BUSY with MANY projects that will eventually be posted on this blog. Because I have been furnishing a new apartment, this has been a great chance for me to employ many of the techniques and take inspiration from my two new favorite blogs: and Here is the first of such projects: My 6 dining room chairs!

Armed with information from Brooke at about how to spray paint furniture (I could try to write something myself, but I got the information from Brooke, and she is MUCH more knowledgeable than I am), and more inspiration from Brooke and her lovely collection of refurbished dining room chairs, and of course, Mandi from vintagerevivals – whose chutzpah and jump-right-in attitude makes me want to bust out the spray paint,  I bought 6 of these solid wood chairs from a used furniture store that was going out of business:

This is the before picture. Obvi, the chairs are in good shape, if not a totally yucky color.

All 6 of these awesome chairs were only $50! Score! The furniture store had more – and dreams of having 12 matching dining room chairs swam through my head before I remembered that I have no place to put 12 chairs. Sigh.

Apologies in advance, because I was SO excited to get started on this project that I didn’t take enough pictures of the process. I think because I am so anxious to get settled in my new apartment, that I cannot wait for taking pics and stuff. I only realize my mistake once I have finished. I will work on that. (This is also why my pics are often taken on my cell phone and not a real camera.)

Anyway, I started by washing the chairs with soap and water. Then I removed the cushions with a screw diver (they come right off). I spray painted the chairs with Krylon Dual (paint and primer in one) in True Blue. Two coats. Covering the 6 chairs took me about 3 cans of spray paint at around $3.50/can. Then I removed the ugly red/brown vinyl seating on the chairs (which required a screw diver, a pair of plyers and some patience). The foam cushions were in great shape (thank goodness because foam is EXPENSIVE). I replaced the batting, which was pretty easy to do. Then I recovered the seats with the black/white damask fabric that I found at Joann’s. I paid $11/yard for the fabric, which I know is more than I probably should have paid, but there was nothing in the remnant bin that spoke to me, and I am so anxious to get settled. I want to have glamorous dinner parties, and how can I do that without 6 lovely dining room chairs?

I think the chairs turned out kinda amazing! And I cannot wait until I get a dining room table so that I can take a pic of the table all set with lovely things, surrounded by these lovely chairs.

Have you fixed up some awesome dining room chairs? If yes, send me pics, please! I will feature them on my blog.

That’s it for now… Soon to follow will be my first piece of blue velvet furniture…. Oooohhh! Ahhh!

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  1. Oh wow, you are right, those chairs turned out amazing! O love what you have done and am also a big advocate of painting furniture in bright funky colours. I’m glad I found your blog and I look forward to seeing more of your creations as you decorate your new apartment!

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