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She Dreams of Blue Velvet…

She Dreams of Blue Velvet…

It’s official, I am OBSESSED with the idea of getting some amazing piece of furniture in blue velvet.  Blue velvet is regal, calming, luxurious, daring, potentially unique and altogether, fabulous. The velvet can be blue, teal, turqouise, aqua – so long as the color is deep and saturated, it looks amazing.

Unfortunately, most things in blue velvet tend to be pretty expensive. Once I move into my new apartment, I am going to be on the lookout for a great piece of furniture to reupholster that would look lovely in blue velvet. Well, I will probably have to reupholster in blue velveteen or blue velour, since velvet in the color I want is about $40/yard – and that’s cheap for velvet. Even the velvet knock offs are hard to find for less than $10/yard. Maybe I will score some wonderful fabric in Paris! Fingers crossed! (If anyone out there knows of a great discount velvet place, please let me know!).

Anyway, in my blue velvet obsession, I have come across some pieces that I just love, and wanted to share. I plan on doing my living room in the new apartment in white and blues, and fortunately, blue velvet would fit right in.

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